Out of This World: The Planets

This symphonic spectacle carries the audience through space and time by combining live choreography of high-resolution astronomical images, dramatic pieces and informative narration, all accompanying the seven powerfully-cinematic movements of Holst’s popular suite. TND teamed up with theĀ Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Wittenberg University and Stageworks theater group, to design, produce and perform this show.

Unlike productions that simply display images of one planet during each movement, ‘Out of this World’ tells the cosmological story of the birth, life, and death of stars and the struggle of humankind to understand that story. Each of the musical movements focuses on a different aspect of that story and is accompanied by relevant imagery – mostly composed of actual photography, with a few exciting simulations thrown in.

The Now Device is available to re-create this riveting, media-rich event with your orchestra. Please scroll down for more details.

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