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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House Centennial Gala

IN SEPTEMBER of 2008, The Now Device collaborated on a unique artistic undertaking, combining symphonic music and live mixed imagery to celebrate the first 100 years in the life of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House.

Westcott House Centennial Gala show
THIS ENTERTAINING TRIBUTE paired a visual retrospective by The Now Device with a live performance by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Peter Stafford Wilson. TND and SSO together took the audience on an exciting visual and musical journey through the creative genius of Frank Lloyd Wright, the story of Springfield and the life of the Westcott House.

LIVE CAMERAS, historical photos, contemporary video and images of the house and surroundings were combined live in front of the audience, creating a poetic montage. Visual pieces of the show were designed to fit with a 35 minute musical program, featuring works by Dvorak, Beethoven, Akutakawa, Torke, Copland and Joplin.

Westcott House Centennial Gala show
THIS PROJECT WAS DESIGNED and executed by The Now Device and the Springfield Symphony Orchestra working with the Westcott House Foundation. The gala also served as the culmination of an educational program undertaken by TND and the Foundation.
Visual work produced by participants in a summer design studio were featured on-screen and several of the studio graduates helped in sequencing the show live.